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MacBook Updating to Monterey is paralyzing the Old Ones

If you have an older MacBook—that is, one that isn’t powered by Apple—and are considering upgrading to macOS Monterey, hold your horses. You might be without a computer for a time if you update right now. Several customers have taken to social media to express their dissatisfaction with Apple’s newest operating system, which was introduced on October 25. Users were unable to switch on their laptops after updating, according to the complaints, which were discovered by MacRumors.

Some users also said that the upgrade screwed with their ports, causing them even more troubles because they couldn’t turn their PCs on because the batteries were dead. The problem appears to affect older MacBook Pro, Mac mini, and iMac models. According to MacRumors, newer Apple silicon-based products don’t appear to be affected, based on the lack of complaints from these consumers. Apple was contacted by Gizmodo about the Monterey concerns, but no response was received by the time of publication.

If we receive a response, we’ll make sure to update this blog. Apple has yet to address the issue directly on any of its social media platforms, although the @AppleSupport Twitter account has attempted to assist consumers by pointing to support articles on what to do if your Mac won’t switch on and what to do if your Mac restarted due to a problem. The issue appears to be tied to the computer’s firmware, which needs to be revived or restored, according to one customer whose Mac was bricked after installing Monterey and was later rectified.

Unfortunately, you can’t accomplish this unless you have another Mac running the same OS or a newer version, according to the user. In this scenario, the consumer was able to obtain the assistance they required by visiting the Apple Store. These reports scared me as a poor unfortunate soul with an older 2019 MacBook Pro, and I instantly decided against updating to Monterey. Now, I’m all for modernization. It’s important for security reasons! And to be exposed to new ideas. I simply cannot afford to be without a computer at this time. Maybe nothing happens, maybe my update goes well, but I’m not taking any chances until these concerns are handled. Monterey and its exciting new features will have to wait.

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