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Microsoft Office to Upgrade Native 64-bit Arm Version for Windows 11

Microsoft reveals that the upcoming version of Office for Windows 11 will have a native 64-bit Arm version for enhanced performance on large or picture-filled documents and offer support for 64-bit add-ins.

The latest version of Office is available to Office Insiders and is presently in beta.

The firm also announced the reshaping of MS Office. The design is quite similar to Windows 11, and the user can use it even when they’re running the Windows 10 or Windows 11 Preview.

Additionally, Windows light / dark mode options are added to the new design to avoid any visual issues.

Microsoft didn’t hesitate to talk about the Arm with Windows 11. The latest design can turn into tablet mode with the help of the Arm-powered Surface Pro X and also its contentious list of supported CPUs includes a handful of Qualcomm chips.

For the ones already using Arm machines, it’s most likely an excellent sign that having familiar apps will likely provide better performance and are also more efficient.

However, it’s pretty embarrassing to see a 64-bit Arm version of Office coming to windows so late.

Although certain features still haven’t made it to the Arm version of Office, it is to be anticipated that it’s presently in beta.

Those users who wish to test out 64-bit Office on their Arm Windows will have to run the Windows 11 Insider Preview. It is also important to uninstall any 32-bit versions of Office and update to the beta version.

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