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Mild Cases of Covid-19 are Causing Brain Damage

Older studies have shown that Covid 19 has caused much damage to our bodies. New research has shown that even Mild cases of Covid 19 affect our central nervous system. Tulane University conducted the research.The researchers say that a Mild Covid 19 infection can cause more significant damage to a patient’s brain.

Previous studies have gathered information about cognitive issues like headache and brain fog during the COVID19 infection and even after that. The researchers have not yet understood the effects of the infection that targets the brain.The study has also found brain inflammation that has affected the brain flow and oxygen going to the brain. This disruption causes neuron damage and cell death. The researchers have also found small bleeds in non-human primates patients who died of coronavirus infection.

The researchers were astonished by the fact that the non-human primates which did not undergo respiratory damage showed severe brain damage. Tracy Fischer, the lead author of the study, studied the brain for many years. They said that the primates didn’t face respiratory symptoms, but they showed greater levels of damage in the brain. The new findings are different and are the result of the infection.

The researchers at the university launched a new program in 2020. The authors are examining the brain tissues of animals that are infected with the coronavirus. The lead author’s initial findings were shocking, so she spent another year gaining more clarity on the effects of the Covid 19 infection. The new results are coming from the autopsies during the pandemic. The authors also add that the non-human primates are a more reliable model as scientists plan to explore more about the Covid 19 damage to the human body.

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