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Moderna Shares Rise Post Lab Result Statement for COVID Vaccine

Moderna shares rise following the company’s statement that the covid vaccine in clinical trials has shown fighting against variants including delta.  Moderna’s statement came from the two-dose mRNA vaccine.

The two-dose mRNA vaccine has shown results in the lab setting of producing neutralizing antibodies against the variants and the delta variant that was first identified in India.

The mRNA vaccine neutralizes the antibodies even in the beta and eta variants that were first identified in Nigeria and South Africa, said Moderna.

Moderna stated that the findings were based on the study undertaken on eight participants and the results were after one week of the second dose of the vaccine. The data will be peer-reviewed in few days.

The company said the results have been seen in a lab setting but cannot assure how the vaccine will perform while fighting against the variants in the real world.

Following the announcement of the lab results, the shares of Moderna jumped to more than 6% in a day.

Stephane Bancel, the CEO of Moderna said, they will keep on studying emerging variants and generating data as it becomes available.

He said the new results encourage and boost their belief that the company’s vaccine is protective against the variants.

The statement of Moderna came soon, a day after the WHO urged the people to continue to wear masks, practice social distancing, and other safety measures to stay protected against the new variant of concern.

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