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Mysterious Brain Abnormality Detected in Vienna

As per information, the government of the United States, run by President Joe Biden, is looking at the series of health incidents in the capital of Austria, Vienna which involves the diplomats and several other administrative staff of the country.

As per members familiar with the information, more than 20 of the health officials have been reporting symptoms similar to the Havana syndrome, which is a brain illness that is yet unknown to the doctors and the researchers in the field. The disease was first reported in Cuba in the year 2016 to 2017.

The diplomats over the US and Canada in Havana contain symptoms such as loss of hearing, dizziness, anxiety, and loss of balance. The US said that Cuba is carrying out the sonic attacks, which were strongly denied by the country, and hence it begins to show a tension between the two countries.

There has been a report in the year 2019, which gave proof of the brain abnormalities among the diplomats.

As per the sources, the government of the US is looking up to the several health incidents in the Austrian capital Vienna which involved the diplomats and other administration staff.

The case of Vienna first came to attention when the US State Department confirmed the case as they were vigorously investigating it.

Vienna has proven to have diplomatic activities for a long time and has had its reputation as a hotspot over the past few years.

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