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Nanoleaf Expands Illuminated Panel Portfolio with Nanoleaf Elements Release

Nanoleaf is a household name for its excellent range of illuminated panels for wall decoration. 


The recent improvement is designed to lend an aesthetic look to the walls even when the panels are turned off. Nanoleaf Elements mimic textured wooden veneer. 

Nanoleaf Expands Illuminated Panel Portfolio with Nanoleaf Elements Release


When the panel is switched on, light streams illuminate the panels inside out. However, the latest design improvements resonate with an illuminated look on the panel even when turned off. 


The feature is expected to improve the commercial prospects of the wall panels, benefiting Nanoleaf’s competitive advantage. 


Nanoleaf ‘s existing wood panels are also equally popular. The hexagonal shape of these panels has grabbed larger eye-balls; thus, Nanoleaf‘s latest release is also shaped like a hexagon. 


Other popular features are the multi-pattern dual illumination effects that resonate with consumer moods.

The lighting panel supports a wide variation of lighting effects, such as warm to soothing whitish hue. 


Nanoleaf’s lighting effect app is the perfect feature to attract modern consumers seeking business and personal usability. Nanoleaf wall panels respond to touch and support music syncs and circadian rhythms. Circadian rhythms enable appropriate white temperature adjustments for improved consumer experience.  


The predecessor Nanoleaf wall panels gave a tinge of nightclub ambiance. However, with new design improvements and revised pricing brackets, Elements Smarter kit supports a seven-panel configuration to suit multiple pattern designs of the panels. 


The revised prices are $299.99 and $99.99. The latter applies to add-on features. The new designs and price structures are expected to improve consumer accessibility and decor experience.

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