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NASA Perseverance rover investigates ‘garden pavers’ in Mars lakebed

NASA’s Perseverance Rover is traveling over Mars, and that means halting for some views.

NASA shared pictures on Wednesday, July 14, 2021, from a roadside draw that captured attention.

The item of interest is an area of rock that remained from when Jezero Crater was a lake, many years ago when Mars was more watery than today.

NASA tweeted with a GIF of the Rover found as a patch of rock that looks like some garden pavers and is most likely exposed bedrock.

The tweet further said that material like that from the early days of the prehistoric lakebed could assist in getting the idea of what the lake would have been.

Perseverance is sorting a few days at the location for getting a nearer view. The Rover has been assigned a lot of scientific work ahead, but its primary mission is to seek proof of ancient microbial life on Mars.

A previous lake is an ideal site for the investigation of the past habitability of Mars.

In addition, the pictures revealed by NASA show the Rover investigating the “pavers” with a gear on the end of its robotic arm.

NASA said in a Rover explainer that the arm allows the Rover to work as a human geologist by using and holding science tools with its turret or hand.

It further added that the hand tools of the Rover itself extort cores from rocks, captures minuscule images, and study mineral makeup and elemental composition of Martian rocks and soil.

NASA’s robotic explorer landed on Mars in February 2021 and is into its opening official science operation with its cohort Ingenuity helicopter acting like a scout. The bedrock investigation is an indication of science to approach as the rover mocks out the narrative of Mars’ ancient history.

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