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NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope Clears Pre-launch Review

NASA’s upcoming massive Webb Space Telescope just took a colossal stance ahead on the way to its designated launch this fall.

Last week, European Space Agency executives revealed that the James Webb Space Telescope mission worth USD 9.8 billion had passed the main launch review, keeping it on the path to take off atop an Ariane 5 rocket before year-end.

Officials stated that it is a significant milestone, passed with Arianespace, the Webb launch service supplier declares that Ariane 5, the flight plan, and the Webb spacecraft are all set for launch in fall.

The update further stated that it also offers the last confirmation that all the spacecraft and launch vehicle factors are entirely well-suited.

While Webb is mainly a NASA mission, the Canadian Space Agency and ESA are chief partners. The CSA is offering the telescope’s one of its scientific instruments and guidance sensor.

ESA is contributing some science-related aid to the mission and is also offering launch services acquiring the Ariane 5 heavy lifter to get Webb up from the ground.

The final launch will go on from Europe’s Spaceport in Kourou. Mission groups are working toward a launch promptness date of October 31, but takeoff is not anticipated to happen on Halloween truly.

ESA officials stated in the same statement that the accurate launch date after October 31 relies on the launch of the spaceport timetable and will be confirmed to the launch readiness date.

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