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NASA’s New Application Program Pushing Mars Exploration

In efforts to send astronauts to Mars in the coming decades, NASA has initiated steps in the same direction. It has started accepting Application from Friday, looking for four people who would participate in the project to travel to Mars Dune Alpha to live for a year. These selected people will live on a 1,700 square foot Martian Habitat. A 3D printer creates the space within the Johnson Space Center facility in Houston.

 The paid volunteers will be working on a simulated Martian mission set on various exploratory tasks. The mission will also consist of spacewalks and limited communications back home, restricted food, and resources or equipment failures. NASA aims to conduct three of these tasks.

The food provided will be solely from the ready-to-eat space food category with no windows planned as of now. The habitat will also support some set of plants to be grown. It would not include potatoes like shown in the movie “The Martian”.

The idea is to understand some scenarios shown in the movie. Starring Matt Damon, his character Mark Watney is an astronaut that gets stranded and has to survive on spuds. Lead scientist Grace Douglas says that the program aims to understand how humans would perform in such conditions. NASA wants to explore realistic situations and encounters when living on Mars.

The requirements for the Application procedure include a mandatory master’s in either science, math, or engineering field. Besides, only American citizens are eligible to apply.

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