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Natural Language Processing Startup Raises $110 Million

San Fransisco-based Primer, which offers Natural Language Processing technology solutions, aggressively invests in developing advanced platforms to be used in the U.S. national security agencies.

The company said that it has successfully raised $110 million in the latest funding round.

Today, June 22, the startup announced Primer’s association with the data analytics firm Palantir Technologies, Inc. The announcement was then followed with the statement declaring the availability of the primer platform in Microsoft Corp’s Azure cloud.

For a long time now, Natural Language Processing has been applied effectively in facilitating transcription services.

However, CEO and founder of Primer Sean Gourley shared that the platform is uniquely designed to analyze text and provide a descriptive summary additionally.

According to Gourley, this kind of design will enable automating the human reading and writing activities that would conventionally be highly expensive to perform.

The Primer platform is made available in different languages, including English, Chinese, Russian, and Arabic.

However, Gourley stresses that the company only provides this platform in the United States and its allies in compliance with the national security applications.

Advancements in technologies have enabled the platform to identify the disinformation campaigns in real-time, which is possible with the emergence of highly advanced machine learning technology, which assists the United States Air Force and Special Operations Command.

The funding will facilitate the expansion of Primer’s engineering team, thus enhancing the market. The company also intends to include Spanish as a language.

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