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NCCA (National Cancer Care) Collaborates with Deep Lens for AI Solutions

NCCA and Deep Lens the announced the strategic cooperation that places Deep Lens’ VIPER as their preferred technology solution throughout the 17-practice US-based Network for clinical trial program administration. To ease, test, and expedite clinical trial recruiting processes, VIPER employs unique cloud-based technologies.

Over 200 oncologists across more than 85 geographical areas in the U.S are part of the NCCA network. Several practices of the NCCA were early users of VIPER technology, including Dayton Physicians Network, New England cancer experts, and the New Mexican Cancer Center.

The Deep Lens solution is being accessed through this cooperation in the NCCA network to all cancer oncology centers. The objective of VIPER is to expedite clinical trial registration, ease resource restrictions, and broaden the scope of clinical trials for patients who desire to


The President of the NCCA CEO of the new Mexico cancer center, Barbara L. McAneny MD, said, “In spite of significant and outstanding progress in our understanding of cancer, and development of new targeted therapy for treating it, patient involvement in clinical trials – the most critical component of bringing to the market a new substance – it is remaining extremely low.”

More than 15 000 clinical oncology studies are expected to recruit participants actively, yet less than one patient out of 30 is involved in a clinical study. Limited trial site resources make finding eligible patients time demanding, especially when the complexity of the trial protocol grows.

By automatically identifying possible eligible patients and quickly connecting them to the appropriate studies, VIPER assists care teams.

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