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New Changes in Science as Two World Powers Gear up

Researchers from all over the World are collaborating on science with the U.S. and China. Meanwhile, there is widespread tension worldwide amidst increasing competitive tension among the two global leaders.

The world’s scientific power and dominance have shifted with no singular leader.

Both the United States and China have made the World obvious of their desire to lead the science and technology front and attain the status as the one science power.

Both nations are associated with other global research players that are paving the way for a reformed era shaping science and innovation in the coming decades.

In the coming decade, the relations that are primarily built for achieving scientific breakthroughs could potentially witness the ripple effects of the partnerships unraveled by geopolitical tension.

Back in 1999, the United States successfully dominated the publication output, a valuation metric of intense focus in science.

However, by 2019, the global scenario had dramatically changed, according to a recent report published by the research team at Georgetown University’s Center for Security and Emerging technology.

The present global picture does not hold any one country as the leader. China, the EU, and the U.S. each dominate certain fields.

Another study published in the Nature journal suggested a declining rate of collaborations among the U.S. and China with a more intense competition act to take over the other.

Science is the center of focus in a recently established bill targeting the U.S. competition with China, which has already passed the Senate, and now awaits at the House.

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