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New Research to Enable Natural Communication Among-st Neuro Patients

As per the new Research the brain wave of a paralyzed patient who was not able to speak. They converted what he intended to say in sentences on a computer screen.

The process is required to take additional Research and study, but this event marks essential progress in the way of enabling more natural communication among the people who are unable to talk because of any injury or illness.

A neurosurgeon at the University of California in San Francisco, Dr. Edward Chang, stated that many of us take for granted how easily we can communicate with others through speech.

He further added that they are looking forward to initiating the new chapter, a new field, to make life easier for the people who have lost their ability to speak.

In today’s times, people who are unable to write or speak because of paralysis have very limited ways of communicating with each other or the able people.

For example, a person whose name cannot be mentioned to protect privacy makes use of a pointer that is attached to a baseball cap, which allows him to move his head to touch the words or letters present on the screen.

There are a few devices that can read eye movements, but these ways are quite slow and hence limits the communication flow for them.

As per the trusted sources, tapping of brain signals to work in the field of disability has a huge scope.

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