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Nio says a Car Fell from the Third Floor of a Shanghai Office

Two persons were killed after a test vehicle built by Chinese electric vehicle startup Nio fell out of a third-floor parking lot of a building in Shanghai, the firm stated in a Weibo post on Thursday. On Wednesday at about 5:20 p.m. Beijing time, the event took place. One employee of the firm and one of the partners passed away.

According to Nio, an inquiry into the accident was launched right once in collaboration with the public security division. These facts were presented by  in a post on Weibo, a Chinese version of Twitter, which was taken down shortly after it was published. One of Nio public relations representatives sent the Weibo post to CNBC. The business afterwards published a statement on Weibo that was nearly identical to the first one.

According to the corporation, preliminary confirmation that the accident had nothing to do with the vehicle itself has been made following an on-site examination. The business highlighted in the updated Weibo post that the occurrence was a “accident” and wasn’t brought on by problems with the car.

An inquiry for more information on the event was not answered by Nio. According to, a special team has been established to assist the bereaved families in dealing with the fallout. When employing the Nio ES8’s Navigate on Pilot semi-autonomous driving capabilities, a man died in the vehicle last year. Online videos depict medical personnel attempting to save the car’s occupants.

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