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NSF Adds 11 AI Research Institutes to its Nationwide Network

NSF’s Artificial Intelligence(AI) Research Institutes now cover a larger area of the country.

Last week, the government announced the creation of 11 new institutions, where authorities will deliberately pursue AI research in difficult domains including augmented learning, cyber security, precision agriculture, and more.

AI Research Institutes experts have experience in a wide variety of fields, allowing them to tackle society’s issues in a coordinated manner, drawing on both fundamental and application-driven research, said Rebecca Hwa, director of NSF’s Robust Intelligence Program.

In this programmer, NSF brings together computer and information science, cognitive science, psychology, economics, game theory, engineering, and control theory. This has enabled NSF to be a leader in efforts to expand the frontiers of science.

Hwa verified that the 18 institutions in which the NSF has invested so far have supported research in 40 states and the District of Columbia.

Derived from the Trump administration, this initiative intends to increase America’s technical edge through the use of advanced technologies. Public, corporate and academic sector participants can collaborate and accelerate technological development at each of the institutes.

A larger nationwide network is formed when they work together in order to strategically pursue AI-driven technological developments The NSF is leading the effort in cooperation with the Homeland Security Department, the Agriculture Department’s National Institute of Food and Agriculture, Google, Amazon, Intel, and Accenture, among other organizations and companies. NSF released a programme solicitation last year for a second round of National AI Research Institutes.

In response to this request, applications were subjected to NSF’s merit review procedure, which included a panel of experts that evaluated the proposals based on NSF’s merit review standards and solicitation-specific review criteria, according to Hwa.

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