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NSF Collaborations Bring National AI Research Institutes to 40 States

NSF recently announced the foundation of 11 new National Artificial Intelligence Research Institutions, expanding on the seven institutes established in the initial round of funding in 2020.

Besides the District of Columbia, 40 other states will benefit from the combined $220 million investment in these institutes.

Additionally, the institutions are working on solutions to assist older individuals in living more independently while also increasing the quality of their care, increasing adult online learning by incorporating AI as a core feature and safeguarding the future of internet-connected devices.

The director of the National Science Foundation, said, “I am happy to announce the formation of new NSF National AI Research Institutes as we aim to grow into all 50 states.”

Academics, businesses, and governments may all benefit from these institutes’ efforts to advance AI research and innovation. Inspiration of talent and ideas in this vital sector will lead to new capabilities that better our lives in medical, entertainment, and transportation and place us at the forefront of competition and wealth. “

They will be part of a broader nationwide network led by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and collaborating with the NIFA, Amazon, Google, and the DHS (Department of Homeland Security). Food systems to cybersecurity will be among the areas in which the National AI Research Institutes will seek to make transformative advancements.

According to Carrie Castille, director of USDA-NIFA, these new institutes will utilize the scientific expertise of U.S. land-grant institutions and work in close cooperation to create sustainable agricultural production solutions that address these critical social issues.

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