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Octavian IT awarded a New Contract with a US-based Healthcare Group

US-based health firms have signed a new contract with Octavian IT, a supplier of managed services in IT. A growing Nottinghamshire-based company, Octavian Group’s IT section, has recently won another contract.

“The Colton Health Group” is made up of five firms located around the United States that specialize in cancer treatment and billing services. Bingham-based Octavian IT will offer IT management services under the contract.

To bring Colton’s systems up to date, Octavian will offer hardware and software, strengthen cybersecurity, move Colton’s email and data storage to the Microsoft cloud, and create disaster recovery operations from its headquarters in Arizona.

“We’re pleased to be working with such a vibrant organisation,” said Ben Solomon, managing director of Octavian IT. Colton Health Group’s rapid growth indicates how seriously they take their business.

Octavian IT has earned a range of important contracts with corporations throughout the world in the previous two years.

With offices in the UK and Australia as well as Canada and Dubai and the United States, the business provides IT support disaster recovery in the cloud and Microsoft 365 as well as email security and CRM installation.

“I’m enormously proud of our team, whose work remains to produce unbelievable results. Unlike many companies, we have enjoyed a stellar 2 years of innovative contract wins, and I’m sure our global development will remain apace as the year improvement. Mr. Solomon continued, “Octavian IT has grown from strength to strength, and I’m excited to see what the potential possibilities are”.

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