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Old Navy Approaches Plus-Size Women’s Clothing Design

Old Navy is low-price clothing and accessories retailing company headquartered in San Francisco, California. The company is a division of the American global retailer, Gap Inc.

Old Navy is now approaching a new approach as to how to design clothes suitable for plus-size women. Demographic analysis shows that the plus-size women are severely underserved, and clothing brands could potentially change that scenario. From August 20, Old Navy will make available all of its designed clothing for women in all sizes. The company will add no changes the prices based upon the size.

Old Navy has 1200 stores, and each store will provide plus-size clothes alongside the standard sizes. The physical store will showcase mannequins with clothes sizing from four, 12, and 18. On the other hand, the online platform of store will display models in the three sizes along with the plus-size models.

Old Navy declared its plans on Wednesday with a goal of reaching $10 billion through annual sales by 2023. The company expects to elevate the bar from $8 billion reported back in 2019 as per the executives.

Old Navy has joined such brands in the efforts to integrate plus-size alongside the standard sizes. These companies are also staging fuller-size mannequins on the floor integrating more plus-size models in their marketing platforms. Some brands say that it’s a normal practice for retailers to allocate a separate area for plus-sizes.

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