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Pentagon Thinks its Precognitive AI Can Forecast Events

The Pentagon AI experiments are meeting many ambitious milestones lately, according to fresh reports.

The reports state that US Northern Command lately finished an array of tests for Global Information Dominance Experiments (GIDE), a mixture of AI, sensors, and cloud computing that might offer the Pentagon the power to forecast events “days in advance,.”

It’s not as mystic as it appears, but it might lead to a major change in government and military operations.

The system based on machine learning monitors changes in real-time, raw data that mentions possible trouble.

For example, if satellite imagery implies that an enemy country’s submarine is getting ready to leave port, the AI could predict the situation well in advance and improve defense preparedness.

Military researchers can take hours or even days to scrutinize through this data- GIDE technology will be able to send a notice within seconds, VanHerck said.

The latest dry run, GIDE 3, was the costliest one so far. It witnessed all 11 US commands and the wider Defense Department utilize a combination of civilian and military sensors to tackle scenarios where contested logistics may cause an issue.

The general said that the technology used wasn’t exactingly new, but the military brought everything in place.

The proposal could be put into practical use comparatively soon. VanHerck thought the military was all set to field the application and could authenticate it at the upcoming Globally Integrated Exercise in spring 2022.

The benefits of this AI technology are quite transparent. Instead of only relying on outdated info or reacting to events, the company could take practical steps like ramping up defenses or deploying forces.

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