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Pfizer Initiated Development of Third Booster Shot

According to recent development in vaccine manufacturing, Pfizer announced, they are focusing on developing a COVID-19 Booster Shot which is majorly targeted for the delta variant.

Owing to the rising concerns about the high transmissible of the delta strain, it is growing as a significant health threat, and controlling it at an early stage is crucial.  Hence, the US is initiating several collaborative efforts to pursue Booster Shot  manufacturing for pandemic management.

The companies say the third shot of their current two-dose Booster Shot offers the highest levels of protection against the virus and its variants which are currently known by the companies, including the highly dangerous delta variant.

However, they are staying vigilant and developing a third version of the vaccine.

In a written statement, the organizations have mentioned that as per the released real-time evidence by the Israel Ministry of Health, there is a constant compromise in vaccine efficiency over the past six months post systematic vaccination of two doses among the vaccinated population. Vaccine deterioration is related to the sudden outbreak of the delta variant, which is becoming dominant globally.

These reports match with the current evaluation of the companies conducting the Phase 3 study they added.

They further stated that they have complete faith in the timeliness of the data and accuracy in the current times. There will be a requirement of the third dose within the next 6 to 12 months, post dual vaccine shots. The clinical studies are likely to begin in August, based on the regulatory approvals, the companies stated.

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