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Pfizer to Pursue with the US Officials for the 3rd Vaccine Dose

The drugmaker Pfizer is planning to meet the top US officials to discuss the vaccine booster.

President Joe Biden earlier said that we might need booster shots. The company will hold the meeting today as planned with the Food and Drug Administration and the top US officials.

Pfizer had asserted that there is a need to give covid-19 booster shots after twelve months.

Pfizer’s doctor, Dr. Mikael Dolsten said that after taking the third dose the immunity of the person levels up to five to tenfold compared to the previous two doses. Thus, the experts at Pfizer believe that there is a need for booster shots.

However, Dr. Anthony Fauci did not rule out that there is a need for booster shots, but he said it is very early for the government to recommend booster shots.

According to Anthony, the FDA and CDC did the right thing in that they pushed back Pfizer’s assertion. The health organizations at this time do not view the booster shots necessary.

He said there is yet no evidence that the two shots of Pfizer and Moderna vaccines or the shots of Johnson & Johnson need third shots. Therefore, he said, based on the currently available information, we do not need people to give third vaccine shots.

There are studies going on looking out the feasibility, and when there is a need to boost people’s immunity, he added.

Fauci said the due to the dominance of covid-19 across the world and the national government might urge people to take the third dose based on age or other underlying medical conditions. So it is entirely conceivable or may be likely at some time to take the shots.

The planned meeting is about to be held today.

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