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Pope Francis Insists on Mandatory Post-Surgical Care

Pope Francis came into the balcony of the hospital in which he is hospitalized for his colon surgery to re-affirm the importance of good healthcare facilities that is accessible to all in several countries with good healthcare infrastructure.

However, in the US, healthcare systems are awaiting the much talked about consolidation with the Catholic Church. The consolidation is likely to spurt up new trends. Common concerns are the sudden spike in healthcare costs post the merger.

There are also considerable concerns regarding the strict practices likely to be introduced in reproductive health and gender affirmation services. Many experts believe that the merger of healthcare solutions with the Catholic Church would restrict access and affordability.

As per the trusted sources of data, during the pandemic, several hospitals witnessed large benefits in the form of COVID-19 fund relief, which supported health care institutions.

Several systems like the Providence health services, which raise their own funds, generate revenue of billions of dollars in cash and pay their CEOs and other authorities. On the other hand, however, several non-profit organizations do not pay mandatory taxes.

These situations increase the healthcare delivery burden significantly. Moreover, these NGOs are getting richer by the day, whereas several rural hospitals have been shut due to a fund crunch. Under these prevailing circumstances, would the Catholic Church’s consolidation intensify challenges, fear several experts familiar with the development.

There are several people, especially people of color, who face the adverse impact of the pandemic and the rising healthcare debt in the country.

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