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Poshmark CEO: Fashion Trends Shifting as Consumers Re-design Closets

The CEO of online thrift store Poshmark told the media that he is seeing a major shift in fashion trends as consumers start preparing for the post-pandemic world.

The online reseller is seeing growing demand for a new variety of clothing and on-high-demand essentials. Adding further, Poshmark CEO also said that the sales of clothing are rising after a year of lockdowns.

However, he mentioned that there had been a rapid decline in fitness apparel purchases. The buyers and sellers can use the online thrift store. Further, he pointed out that we are seeing a real change in customer buying preferences.

The online reseller incorporates social media elements that allow the buyers and sellers to create their profiles to connect with other buyers and sellers on the platform, like, comment, and share apparel.

It is popularly known as “Posh parties.”

The company analysts believe from the recent market analysis that customers are again participating in party-relevant shopping to blend in the post-pandemic world.

The sale of bikinis and jean shorts is almost doubled as the interest of buying such clothes picks up in warmer months.

As employees are being called back to the office after nearly a year, the sale of work dresses has also increased by 30%, said one of the company officials, familiar with the development..

Meanwhile, the sale of sweatpants and other items required for workouts has slowed down. The sustainability-minded website allows the users to recycle or selling used clothes.

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