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Prevalence of Security Robots Surges across the U.S.

Westland launched a broader program focused on reducing crime by the value addition of autonomous security Robots, Following the persistent events of suspicions associated with illegal activities, earlier this year,

During the establishment initiated by the Westland, Real Estate Group introduced Liberty Village, which was a massive expanse of 1000 unit apartment complex built on the north-eastern edge of Las Vegas almost two years back, instigated a rise in criminal incidences as observed by the police department identifying the area to have emerged as city’s most frequent sources of 911 calls.

These advanced Security Robots are to be manufactured by Knightscope, a Silicon Valley-led company, in order to make the complex safer for its inhabitants.

Each robot is addressed by a unique nickname, and the one allocated around the Liberty Village is called Westy. This particular model is a K5, conical, and bulky structured robot, which proposes an artificial intelligence-powered design concept.

The robot is sized up to five feet tall. Westy navigates and strolls around the area at a human walking pace with an integrated system comprising of four internal cameras installed for capturing a constant 360-degree view.

The robot is also capable of scanning and recording the license plate numbers along with the unique digital identifiers, which are broadcasted by practically every cellphone known as the MAC address.

Despite the effectiveness proposed with the advanced technology, the exact reduction in the crime rate by Westy at the Liberty Village is unclear.

However, Knightscope, in its eager attempt to grab clients, has claimed that Westy has been highly helpful in achieving a significant drop in 911 calls.

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