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Ralph Lauren Introduces Built-In Cooling Tech Jacket

The popular fashion brand Ralph Lauren has created new jackets featuring built-in cooling technology for the United States Olympic team.

Olympic events scheduled in Tokyo, Japan, are expecting to showcase appealing events. Tokyo is expected to reach temperatures up to 95 degrees and the humidity to scale as high as 80% during the Olympic Games.

Every athlete is going to undergo a strenuous physical routine, not all privileged to activities associated with swimming

Intending to provide comfort to the United States Olympic and Paralympic teams during the extreme heat conditions, Ralph Lauren has introduced a new jacket integrated with some form of cooling technology, suitable for a comfortable Opening Ceremony Parade uniform.

The latest RL cooling technology displays special features designed with the specific needs of athletes in mind. The jackets have particularly been developed for athletes. The new technology features a characteristic enabling monitoring skin temperature. The monitoring technology resembles the functionality of a computer’s cooling device in detecting heat.

With the growing body temperature of athletes that wear the jacket, the technology will sense, detect and release a cooling sensation providing immediate relief to the athletes.

The product is still in its infancy technology phase; hence it will only be provided to the flagbearers Sue Bird and Eddy Alvarez, who will display the new RL cooling jackets during the Opening Ceremonies. Other U.S. athletes will be given a colling device that can be incorporated into their blazers after the games are over.

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