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Reasons Why the Colorado River Basin is Low on Water Levels

On Monday, August 16, 2021, the US federal government declared a water shortage for the Colorado River Basin because of a historic drought that will cause water cuts in some parts of the southwestern states beginning from October 2021.

As stated in the August 2021’s study predictions by the Bureau of Reclamation that manages deliveries of water and power, the discharge of water from two big reservoirs called Lake Powell and Lake Mead will be impacted due to an extraordinary drought that is affecting the complete region of Colorado River Basin that in turn will have consequences for people in some parts of northwestern Mexico and the southwestern US.

On August 15, all the governors of 10 states in the country, including Washington, North Dakota, New Mexico, Nevada, Montana, Idaho, Colorado, California, Oregon, and Utah, wrote a letter to President Biden asking him to make an announcement of a Federal Emergency Management Agency drought crisis in all of these states, which will offer more help to thousands of farmers in these regions. In the letter, the governors stated that the historic dry conditions have been worsened by late record-setting temperatures and that the effects are being experienced by economies, local communities, industries, and farmers.

Which are the states to be affected by these water cuts? 

The water cuts will majorly impact the people of Mexico, Nevada, and Arizona. The residents in Arizona, Mexico, and Nevada will witness a water cut of 18, 5, and 7 percent, respectively. Approximately 40million are likely to be impacted by these water cuts in regions like Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, and California.

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