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Researchers Show an Increase in US High-tide Floods

According to a new study of weather forecasts, the U.S coastal regions may see a rapid increase in High-Tide flooding.

High tide flooding (HTF) occurs due to a rise in sea level and fluctuations in the tidal range.

The U.S Atlantic coastal regions are experiencing frequent flooding at High-Tide. The natural occurrences may witness rare extremes over time. This may impact the revenue owing to repetitive road and business closures.

Also, the high tide flooding, which may storm-driven events, may damage infrastructure and property.

According to the study, the coastlines along the U.S. Pacific and Gulf of Mexico may experience High-Tide flooding (HTF). It may become a national issue as it will damage the most important coastlines, said Phil Thompson, the study’s leading author.

The researchers that undertook the study analyzed the gauge data by combining around 89 coastal regions along the U.S. Also, the study included 10 locations from pacific islands and Hawai’i.

The researchers to conduct the study developed a unified statistical technique. The study observed the changes in the tidal range to examine the High-Tide flooding projections.

The rise in sea level will have a more significant impact on the issue, which will see recurrent high tide flooding in numerous coastal regions in the nearing years.

The researchers have also found that the annual tides and the sea level can result in recurrent High-Tide flooding events. It might create extreme months and damaging events.

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