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Respiratory Diseases among Kids is on the Upswing in NY

Hospitals across the U.S., including NYC are becoming overburdened with new patient admissions every day as cases rise of Respiratory diseases children for the first time since 2020.

And in the parts of Western New York, the cases of Respiratory diseases among kids are increased.

On Sunday, August 15, 2021, Physician-in-Chief and the Pediatric Chair at Golisano Children’s Hospital in Rochester posted that the hospital is full. Dr. Patrick Brophy stated that between COVID-19 and Respiratory viruses, the hospital was completely packed, and they had to ask people to help everyone by getting vaccinated.

It has been reported that there are very few or almost no cases of COVID-19 in several hospitals across the country. However, the rise in Respiratory illness cases is quite significant, but intensive care is not needed.

But, in the case of RSV, the case is not the same. To put things in order, from the beginning of the year to June, Oshie hospital has had on average three patients per month hospitalized with RSV, a common Respiratory virus. The count spurred in last month to 46 patients. The number for this month has been 51 till now. Such statistics are observed only in the times of peak cold and flu season.

Chief Medical Officer Dr. Stephen Turkovich said that they usually don’t witness these large numbers till the middle to late November in the region, so this could be the beginning of an RSV of rush like they see in Rochester and the rest of the nation.

So to stay healthy, it is quite crucial to get the vaccination done as fast as possible.

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