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Richard Brandson Reached Space on 11th July, ’21

Almost after 17 years of efforts and development and several billions of dollars on the company named Virgin Galactic, Sir Richard Brandson has been successful in achieving his dream of going into space.

While speaking about the experience from the spacecraft’s cabin, he stated that spaceflight is a complete experience of a lifetime.

Richard Brandson further added that he has been dreaming about this since he was a kid and said that nothing could give you enough preparation of the view of Earth from space, he added after landing.

The company Virgin Galactic launched its spacecraft named VSS Unity in New Mexico on 11th July 2021. Two pilots guided the vehicle along with the founder of the company, Brandson, as well as three employees from the company.

As per the trusted sources, the spacecraft VSS then went into a slow-paced backflip in microgravity when the Company crowd was weightless and floated around the spacecraft cabin.

At this time, the spacecraft had reached an altitude of 53.5 miles or 86.1 km. The spaceflight was flown by pilots named Micheal Masucci and Dave Mackay, Brandson and his trainer Best Moses, the VP of government affairs Sirisha Bandla, and an engineer, Colin Bennett.

Richard Brandson further added that space travel is now available for more than 600 people based on reservations. He further added that the company is trying to make space accessible to a lot more people.

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