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Rise in Online Jewelry Sales amidst the Pandemic

As per the trusted sources of information, Gina Drosos, CEO at Signet Jewelers, stated a positive outlook in terms of online Jewelry shopping on Thursday on the company’s e-commerce.

She further stated that she expected them to pay off even when the pandemic is over.

She further stated that the pandemic had brought major changes in the customer behavior for shopping forever. She further added that her company has been witnessing a large number of customers move towards the online platform.

Even if all the people didn’t purchase, they would come online to check the Jewelry collection and to become educated. Hence, the whole situation is turning out to be converted into digital sales.

Further, on Thursday, the owner of Zales and Kay Jewelers witnessed revenue of USD 346.3 million from their e-commerce platform during the end of the first quarter on May 1st, 2021.

The overall sales for Signet for the first quarter of 2022 turned out to be USD 1.69 billion, beating the forecast of 1.62 billion by Wall Street.

Drosos also added that their plan of action seemed to be working. She has been serving as the CEO of the company since 2017.

She also said that during the COVID-19 pandemic, they added over 700 more virtual Jewelry consultants. Further, she said that the company is focused on improving its website rapidly.

They have added new 100 new features to the website over the first quarter of this year.

She further added that the company now has a competitive advantage to offer a better online shopping experience to its customers.

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