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Rise in Pet Adoption across America Post the Pandemic

As per the trusted sources of information, as the Americans were stuck at homes during the lockdown, people showed keen interest in going to Pet Store and adopted cats and dogs to accompany them in the lockdown.

As stated by the CEO of Chewy, Sumit Singh, even if the lockdowns have been lifted from the countries post the pandemic, the rates of adoption are showing high growth.

Chewy is an online Pet store for food and supply, which was valued at USD 33 billion in recent times.

The company launched a Pet adoption service in the previous month and is currently working with around 6000 shelters.

He further stated that the overall rate of adoption is still increasing on a yearly basis by percentages in double digits for both cats as well as dogs.

Further, he added that after the pandemic, pets are being turned into shelters in rising numbers.

He also said that the pets coming back to the shelters are actually the same as the rate it was back in the year 2019, before the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hence, there is a balance between the new adoptions as well as the pets that are coming back to the shelters. Singh stated that there are a lot more pets that have been getting adopted, which is a great deal for the industry currently.

Even though the CEO didn’t disclose in statistics, online searches for pets are increasing, and there is a rise in the Pet owners market.

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