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Rising Disputes over Violating Mask Mandates on Flights

The Federal Aviation Administration received continuous complaints regarding inappropriate behavior of the passenger or violating mask mandate on the airplanes. The complaints are mainly about non-compliance to Mask wearing protocols.  These protocols are highly essential to avert complications owing to the widespread rise in multiple Covid-19 variants.

Approximately, there have been around 75% of the complaints and such reports since January 2021.

The agency stated that one of the complaints says that the individuals who refrained from wearing the masks resisted violently and even displayed physical violence, profanity, and shouting matches.

The FAA implemented a “zero tolerance” policy, which fined the passengers for their unruly behavior after the beginning of such incidences.

However, the rules couldn’t check the passengers’ behavior like swearing at the airline crew or acting violently against the co-passengers over the flights.

As per the trusted sources of information, a spokesman for the Association of Professional Flight Attendants, Paul Hartshorn, stated that the conditions of the flights are out of control. He further added that it is coming to a point where they have to defend themselves against the passengers.

As per the trusted reports, current federal Mask rules state that buses, trains, and commercial flights at airports wear face masks.

The mandate was set up in January and is set to expire on 13th September. The agency has collected fines worth USD 682,000 so far and had pointed to potential COVID-19 violations in around 540 cases.

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