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Rivian Launches New Dual Motor Options for R1T and R1S

Rivian has launched a new Dual Motor variant for its R1T all-electric pickup and the future R1S all-electric SUV while increasing the prices of its Quad Motor configurations of both vehicles, citing “price inflation of supplier components and raw materials. The R1T is available in two packages: Explore, starting at $67,500, and Adventure, starting at $73,000. Both vehicles will have Dual and Quad-Motor drive systems, with the Quad-Motor adding $6,000 to either package a customer chooses.

Customers can choose between a Standard Pack, which is available for the Dual Motor only and comes at no charge, a Large Pack, adding $6,000 to the price, or a Max Pack, which adds $16,000 to the price. The Rivian R1T’s price is increasing “approximately 17%,” which will increase the base cost from $67,500 to approximately $78,975.

The R1S will see a whopping price increase of “approximately 20%,” bringing the new base price from $70,000 to $84,000. Additionally, the cost of specific options, upgrades, and accessories has also increased. The new pricing structure isn’t just for new reservations but applied to existing reservations.

This will affect the majority of reservation holders except for the customers who were already in the final steps of completing their transaction with Rivian. Therefore, unless you’ve spoken with your Rivian representative lately and your vehicle is already in or entering production right now, the price increase will be applied to your order.

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