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Russian Hackers Exploit VPNs during 2016 U.S. Prezi Elections

Expressing their concerns about the misuse of virtual private networks (VPNs) to target scores of global organizations, the U.S. officials and British authorities have released a new statement on July 1st. The report suggests the direct involvement of Russian spies in using VPN technology to tamper events during the Presidential Elections of 2016.

During a joint advisory, both the governments unitedly explained that Unit 26165, a critical functional component of Russia’s military spy agency, is accused of allegedly interfering and accessing the Democratic Party emails. The agency used VPNs technology to grab vital mail details.

Tor is a Privacy focused network that the agency misused to lead the widespread, distributed worldwide, and anonymized barbarian force access attempts against numerous public/governments and private sector targets.

The joint advisory was inconclusive in identifying any of the attacked targets by their identity or names. They instead stated that they were primarily housed in the United States and Europe. The speculated target list includes government offices, political parties, power and energy companies, law firms, and media organizations, consisting of critical data.

Thursday’s joint advisory was issued by the U.S. and British spy agencies, including the United States National Security Agency and the Department of Homeland Security’s Cyber arm, Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the British National Cyber Security Centre.

The Russian Embassy housed in Washington did not instantly react or respond with any comments. However, Russian officials have followed a typical pattern rejecting any allegations associated with employing hackers to spy on competitors.

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