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Samsung Re-Defines Phone Displays; Foldables are Now Yesterday

Foldable displays have efficiently replaced yesteryear rigid Displays, and now it’s time that a new technology succeeds foldable phone displays.

With the smartphone industry witnessing stark competition, Samsung is cautiously re-aligning its business strategies and growth models to remain competitive.

Sources familiar with this development have confirmed Samsung’s next big investment in feature improvements.

Samsung is making advanced strides in ensuring optimum measurement accuracy in terms of device Displays stretchabilit

Samsung is working to improve usability outcomes with higher flexibility.

Samsung has replaced typical plastic-based Displays with advanced elastomers, which offer improved resilience and elasticity.

Besides stretch-ability, Samsung is also improving heat resistance to improve stress-induced performance.

To ensure such high accuracy and resilience, Samsung is actively banking upon semiconductor integration in its gadgets.

The company is closely working with its think-tank members to integrate stretchable Displays for its smart devices.

Initial revelations suggest that the upcoming stretchable display screens for Samsung devices would mimic the look of ‘skin’ to improve the flexibility quotient for an enhanced user experience.

If sources are believed, the next big Samsung display technology will use OLED skin-based display, integrated with a heart monitoring device.

This stretchable heart monitor embedded in the device Displays is also stretchable, expanding by over 30%.

As per the latest updates featured in SAIT (Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology), Samsung is directing its R&D expeditions towards creating a more flexible and robust screen that enables accurate measurements at stretchability levels of 1000 times.

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