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Senator Explains Tri-Cities Role in Tech Leadership

A proposal granting $200 billion for enhancing, and maintaining the Unites States leadership in key research fields all the while keeping the benefits and results within the country is expected to potentially augment the Tri-Cities as a research hub, and emerge as a technology innovation center.

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) housed in Richland, Washington is ideally positioned with the continuing Congress efforts on legislation, stated Senator Maria Cantwell. She had made a visit to PNNL the previous week to seek insights from the laboratory leaders as well as the Tri-Cities economic development leaders along with the Tri-Cities entrepreneurs with the stimulating discussions initiating in Washington, D.C., associated with reconciliation of Senate, and House versions of research spending bills.

The previously established Senate-approved U.S. Innovation and Competition Act granted a fund worth $17 billion for research conducted by the nation’s 17 national labs, which included PNNL for a period of five years, an optimistic result of Cantwell’s efforts.

Some of Pacific Northwest National Laboratory’s strengths include quantum computing, and high-performance computing coupled with extensive hold over the fields of biotechnology, genomics, material science, and cybersecurity. The laboratory is already growing at a substantial pace with the expertise achieved in areas most crucial to the nation’s future such as clean, and reliable energy.

In past fifteen months, the staff strength has escalated by 164, reaching an all-time high employment number of more than 5,000 employees, the highest employee strength attained so far for a national laboratory.

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