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Southwest Reports Technology Glitch for the Second Day

After a technology-related issue disrupted flights for the second day in a row, Southwest Airlines said it was trying to restore regular operations on Tuesday.

According to FlightAware, the nation’s fourth-largest airline had canceled roughly 500 flights and delayed almost 1,300 others by mid-afternoon. About half of Southwest’s scheduled flights for the day were canceled or postponed due to the mix of cancellations and delays.

According to a spokesman for the Federal Aviation Administration, all Southwest departures were halted for roughly 45 minutes while the business attempted to resolve a computer issue.

According to a spokesman for Dallas-based Southwest, a problem with the connection of the airline’s IT systems began around lunchtime Tuesday.

In an email, Southwest spokesman Dan Landson stated, “Southwest is in the process of restoring regular operations after a temporary break in our flight activity stemming from intermittent performance difficulties with our network connections Tuesday afternoon.”

Customers should check their flight status on Southwest’s website or seek assistance from the airline’s airport agents, he added, as employees were striving to limit flight interruptions.

Southwest had to cancel around 1,500 flights on Monday night due to third-party weather data sources. Customers seeking to book flights on Delta Air Lines and Alaska Airlines had distinct technical issues. Some Delta passengers complained on Twitter that the airline’s website only offered first-class tickets for purchase.

Glitches and breakdowns in airline technology can cause tens of thousands of flights to be canceled. A network failure plagued Southwest for days in the previous several years, and Delta staff at one airport hauled out an ancient dot-matrix printer to issue boarding cards.

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