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Spot Brings Policies to fill Injury Insurance Gap

As per the (Spot Brings Policies) trusted sources of information, the affordability of healthcare is still one of the major problems in the US.

Almost 30 million individuals are running into debt owing to escalating healthcare costs across healthcare institutions, high prices of drugs and diagnostic services.

Therefore, Spot, a company from Austin, is trying to manage this issue with a digital and on-demand injury insurance product to support traditional health insurance.

The company raised an amount of USD 15 million in equity and is in a debt of USD 2.5 million, as stated in a round of seed funding which was led by GreatPoint Ventures.

Several other agencies such as the Silverton Partners, Montage Ventures, MS&AD, and Mutual of Omaha had participated in the funding procedure of the company.

The company was found by Maria Goy and Matt Randall in the year 2018.

Goy stated that every huge market was being disturbed by the change in some distribution networks, such as Airbnb and Netflix. He further added that they are aiming to drive change in the distribution of insurance.

The business model led by Spot shows a holistic approach by offering customized injury insurance to the people directly to the customer and strategic partnerships with the companies and organizations.

This led to the application of the same idea for ski resorts, sports, and others.

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