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Studies Found that U.S Beauty Products Contain Toxic Chemicals

According to the latest study on cosmetics and personal care products, almost half of the cosmetics sold in the U.S and Canada contain Chemicals.

The Chemicals are found to be associated with severe health problems.

The researcher and scientists at the University of Notre Dame studied more than 230 cosmetics commonly sold in the market.

These tests found that eye products, lip products, mascaras contain high concentrations of fluorine.

Fluorine is used in manufacturing various products like rugs, frying pans, and other consumer products.

The study also suggests that the waterproof mascaras and lipsticks that last longer have the highest PFAS levels.

Products that contain the highest amount of fluorine were taken further for testing. Test results reveal that the products contain 13 specific PFAS Chemicals.

Among all tested products, only one item was labeled with PFAS as an ingredient.

The US FDA is also a regulator of cosmetics. However, the FDA stated, it does not comment on specific studies.

Responding to the issue, the FDA’s spokeswoman on its official website stated that few studies had found Chemicals.

FDA’s spokeswoman also stated that the published products have a low concentration of Chemicals. The low-level concentrations do not harm people, she added.

Regarding the issue, a fact sheet was posted by the FDA. The fact sheet stated that the FDA would monitor the advancements in the PFAS in cosmetics.

But PFAS Chemicals have become a rising concern for lawmakers. So the results were published to ban the use of PFAS in cosmetics.

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