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Take a ‘Sad Day,’ When Job Weighs You Down

It is natural to feel afraid or nervous to break from Job to pay attention to your mental health.

A political strategist and writer, Marisa Kabas, lately posted a similar question on Twitter. Her action is inspired by Simone Biles, who signed off from the Olympics this week to rejuvenate her mental health.

Kabas said on Wednesday, July 28, 2021, that it was pretty shocking for many people across the globe. As the common mindset for everyone, including sports personalities, is to keep enduring besides failing mental conditions, this step by Simone Biles is highly debatable.

The tweet got several responses, many from company employees who stated that they don’t reveal the actual reason they need time away from Job or feel stressed to lie about it as they are ashamed. At the same time, several others said that they never took a break for mental health.

As a freelancer who has written effectively about her health issues, including problems like depression and anxiety, Marisa Kabas said that sometimes she gets up and decides to take a day off, a comfort she didn’t believe she had as an employee.

Around three fourth of the population in the U.S who are employed in the state or local government or private industry get paid sick leave, but studies tell that most of these people are unlikely to use sick days for mental health reasons or are afraid of being punished for doing so.

If you’re amongst the hesitant, researchers suggest that now is the time to begin thinking about how to prioritize and protect your mental fitness, particularly as millions of people who worked distantly throughout the pandemic start getting back to the office.

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