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Tech Regulatory Policies: a Bad Choice Say, Experts

Several Democratic Congress members came forward with a series of Regulatory policies and related antitrust bills in a discussion held last Friday.

These bills aimed to regulate or simply control a specified select group of digital service providers under the name of “covered platforms.”

The antitrust bills are projecting a transition from a market-oriented principles perspective with no monitoring or regulation, which has successfully characterized the American economy. Recent changes are now inclined towards an industrial intervention that intends to interfere and prevent the smooth and successful flow of business functioning covered platforms.

This bill is also expected to affect the consumers, preventing individuals from utilizing tech services. It is considered to be a bad move from a geopolitical perspective, as this will result in the termination of American leadership in the tech industry.

Lastly, the Regulatory approach will also become a significant hindrance in innovations, eliminating the most reliable and common exit strategy for start-ups that a large player is acquiring.

Thus, the Regulatory bills are not perceived beneficial from any perspective rendering the proposal a bad choice.

Digital service providers have been thriving on the successful business models, which will be the main target of attack according to the bills established by several Democratic members of Congress. Most digital businesses provide all-inclusive, integrated services, thereby delivering an ultimate user experience.

Also, antitrust bills intend to ban the user-centric business models applied successfully in connecting LinkedIn profiles while searching for job opportunities and communication established via Skype or using Microsoft Office technology to upload a resume.

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