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Tesla Introduces a New Chip Enabling AI Training

Tesla Inc., a globally known company specializing in automated electric vehicles and clean energy, introduced its own computer chip on Thursday. The CEO, Elon Musk has visioned the development of an advanced computer system. He wanted the Tesla engineer to design a superfast training computer which led to the Project Dojo, said Tesla director Ganesh Venkataramanan.

During the AI event, the automaker put forth its continuing efforts towards vertical integration. The newly introduced chip developed by Tesla is called the D1 chip. It is integrated with Tesla’s supercomputer system Dojo. The features of the chip technology showcase a 7-nanometer manufacturing process assisted with 362 teraflops of processing power. The tech company installs 25 of the D1 chips onto one training tile. Throughout server cabinets, 120 training tiles are combined, which results in an exaflop of power, said Venkataramanan.

According to the director, Tesla will be assembling its first cabinets soon. Adding to the technology proposed by the chip, he said that company would have the fastest AI-training computer. The technologies the company will be competing with include Intel, Nvidia, and Graphcore. All of these companies are currently manufacturing chips that are used to train AI models.

The significance of the chips is in training models to identify a broad range of items. In addition, it will include video intel provided to the device obtained by the cameras within Tesla vehicles. The amount of computing required in model training is massive and thus requires superior quality components.

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