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Tesla Plans to Sell its Cybertruck in 2023

American electric vehicle company will start producing Cybertruck next year. The company is also manufacturing other products this month. Elon Musk also revealed about the company’s plan of manufacturing tesla bot, they have also planned to launch the first bot in 2023.

 The carmaker’s chief executive officer also added that the the Cybertruck is an angular design with stainless steel skin. The truck is also manufactured with the old model pickup which has been revealed by the manufacturer in a different way. In 2019, the designer threw a mental ball at the window which showed the truck’s toughness. But, adversely the windows cracked.

Texas based automaker CEO mocked that they are going to smash the window again. The truck was launched onstage at Cyber Rodeo which was held in Texas to show off its new manufacturing plant near the capital. They were very eager to build a plant here. Musk symbolically wore a black cowboy hat and apologised to crowd saying that they will have the truck next year. He also assured that it is going to be great.

The chief executive officer has an history of being propitious about the product that usually come to form later than he promised. He said that would come alive or never come to the market. This time his timeline is more definite than the one he gave to the investors earlier this year. He said that the vehicle will be delivered in 2023.

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