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The Persona of Science Fiction stimulating a Tech Future

Science Fiction has gained massive reader’s as well as viewer’s attention in the last decade. There is more reality, and scientific facts that form the foundation of today’s Science Fiction books. With exponential technological advancements, breakthroughs which once seemed a far-fetched possibility are now truly existing. The anticipated gap is significantly reduced, and great advancements are possible to be achieved way sooner than once thought.

Today’s world of Science Fiction is satisfying reader’s interests, and stimulating them in increasing their knowledge, and understanding of the high-tech world. Well-known writers are expanding their creativity, and imagination pushing the readers to do the same. Caroline Hardaker’s “Composite Creatures” speaks around the subject of today’s narrowing hostility of ecosystem. She puts forth the new challenges of the remaining few inhabitants of the planet, and survival in the future. The fictional or anticipated world in the book sees 2 characters living in a diminishing quality environment. The struggle against an unknown disease with almost all animal species extinct noy very far from what reality could look like if continued with the devastating trends and lifestyle.

Many private, and public entities have reached out into the space not just for exploration purpose anymore. A new novel published by David Ebenbach, “How to Mars” provides a fictional picture of capabilities of humans in space activities.

Space travel, space launch and space survival being the key points the book is a door to new fictional world. six individuals travelling to Mars for colonization gives you enough scope for imagination.

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