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The U.S Adopts Novel Tech-based Education System

COVID-19 effectively changed the outlook of multiple industries, which also includes the Education System. In recent times, virtual learning is becoming highly preferred. Therefore, there is a sharp technology adoption in the Education System.

Before the pandemic occurred, the Pleasanton California United School District (PUSD) had already started distributing digital devices to all middle and high school students.

This facility extended to all elementary-level students during the pandemic.

According to Patrick Gannon, the district communications and community engagement coordinator encouraged immediate deployment of the 1-to-1 policy. Further, the district achieved exemplary results.

They were able to successfully shift the in-person education orientation of 14,500 students to remote instruction within a week. COVID-19 emergence is observed to be a catalyst for technological inclusion in the U.S learning system.

Therefore, the benefits of adopting 1-to-1 policy have greater benefits for students in terms of learning. Students are allowed wider, deeper access to an array of learning resources.

Eliminating the conventional research methodology involving browsing through libraries for the right textbook and then through the books to find the correct information.

Digital aid helps remove the restricted data understanding offering students access to highly descriptive data.

At North Canton City Schools in Ohio, students are widely exposed to digital devices. According to Kim Nidy, Director of Technology, diverse tools on a laptop device or tablets enhance the learning experience significantly.

Besides the research and survey, the availability of gadgets provides an outlet for hidden creativity-enhancing their skills with project presentations.

Traditionally, students were confined to written reports, and projects limiting their exposure to handling advanced tools.

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