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The U.S.- China Start Talks on Fraught Relation Management

Wendy Sherman, the senior diplomat of the U.S. has arrived in China for talks on fraught ties between the two nations. Wendy Sherman, Deputy secretary of state, shall hold discussions with two top Foreign Ministry officers.

Wendy Sherman, the highest-ranking U.S. official, will hold separate discussions with Xie Feng. Xie Feng is China’s Vice Foreign Minister. Xie Feng is in charge of China relations with the U.S. The next meeting will be held with Wang Yi, China’s Foreign Minister. Wendy Sherman is the first official to visit China after Joe Biden replaced Donald Trump.

China and U.S. relations have deteriorated sharply regarding many issues such as cybersecurity, technology, besides many other sensitive issues. The U.S.- China relations also underwent many challenging situations during Donald Trump’s administration.

Recently in an interview, Wang had accused the U.S. of pressurizing other countries. She said if U.S. has not learned how to treat other nations, China and other nations will teach the U.S. how to treat the other countries.

According to the information revealed by the U.S. officials about the meet, the talks are not to discuss specific issues but are to maintain the communication channels open.

Further, the officials said the U.S. wants to ensure that the competition between the two nations is not further converted into conflict.

The meeting will probably take place at the G-20 summit in Rome, which, due in October. Her sessions followed the initial meeting in March where the Chinese officials, Yang Jiechi, the Chinese diplomat, and Wang, flew the U.S. to meet Jake Sullivan and Antony Blinken.

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