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The U.S. Must Collaborate with Allies to Enhance Combat Cloud

The emerging need for the United States to collaborate with allies to establish a thorough enterprise Cloud is growing severe. Gen. John Hyten is the vice-chairman representing the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

He highlighted the purpose of working together with allies. Hyten addressed the concerns regarding insufficient allies on board with the basic secret system that is SIPRNET.

Hyten explained that constructing a combat Cloud is a promising opportunity allowing service members, allies, and partners to log in easily.

Every member will be able to log in irrespective of their location through credentials and a biometric system.

The event will ultimately enable the United States to take complete advantage of the members’ capabilities or resources.

The Defense Department also displays a lack of such a Cloud establishment. It recently demolished the Joint Enterprise Defense Initiative program worth $10 billion.

The department is struggling to build an enterprise of the connected fight and modeling scenarios.

According to Hyten, capabilities for modeling air, land, and sea are acquired. However, there is a lack of capabilities in modeling air, land, sea, and cyber infrastructure.

The required electromagnetic spectrum to create these domains along with space is the current need.

At present, DOD’s war-gaming lacks realistic scenarios. The Joint Requirements Oversight Council (JROC) is an attempt to change this, has recently issued a new requirement.

It states the obligatory integration of modeling and simulation technology across all domains. The new document is published as a part of the four Strategic Directives.

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