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The US Antitrust Proposal and Its Impact

The Antitrust package proposed in the Congress if enacted, and declared fully functional, would ultimately target the Big Tech, with a far-reaching, long-term impact on utilization of the internet also affecting some of America’s biggest giants and most successful companies.

Five bills constituted in the overhaul Antitrust package, which are due for a vote on Wednesday, are anticipated to widen the scope for restructuring tech giants such as Facebook, Google, Apple, and Amazon.

This will ultimately result in a completely reshaped and reformed Internet ecosystem.

Enactment of the bills will establish specific measures prohibiting tech giants from operating third-party platforms, all the while providing competitive services on the same platforms, realizing a brutal blow to the likes of Amazon and Apple.

Further, recently several corrective measures are on their way, highlighting law obligations. These movements would directly be to stop tech companies such as Google from prioritizing their product and service portfolios. Kage also includes a measure requiring data portability and interoperability, enabling individuals to easily quit Facebook while maintaining their data and contacts.

The largest tech firms would also be prohibited from acquiring competitors as a critical part of the overhaul package, which would eventually lead to the addition of funds supporting Antitrust enforcement.

The package represents a vital part of the aggressively forwarding efforts against the dominant tech firms, which also includes Biden’s nomination of Lina Khan, who has been a firm advocate of breaking up and reorganizing the Big Tech.

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