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The US Reaches a Record High in Coronavirus Vaccinations

The wave of the Coronavirus pandemic continues to loosen in the U.S as more people are getting vaccinated, thereby leading to a lower number of deaths.

The deaths in the U.S related to covid-19 have come down drastically, as low as 300 per day since the initial days of the disaster.

Interestingly, the U.S has recorded 150 million full vaccinations of Americans, which is a very big milestone achieved by the nation.

In the last year, Coronavirus was the third greatest cause of death in the U.S after cancer and cardiac diseases.

However, the current situation is quite in contrast wherein the Coronavirus infections have come down.

According to the data revealed by the CDC, most of the American population is dying due to respiratory diseases, cardiac strokes, and Alzheimer’s disease. Now the covid-19 related deaths have decreased.

The death toll of the country alone stands at 600,000, and the worldwide count of deaths is over 3.9 million. This is the data is way lower than the real figures.

It has been registered that around 45% of U.S. citizens are now fully vaccinated, and 53% of the U.S population has received at least one shot of the vaccine.

The demand for vaccinations has come down over the past few weeks.

Dr. Ana Diez Roux said the decrease infections and increased vaccination rate is a cause of celebration. But, she says the virus can still spread rapidly as some U.S states have recorded the lowest number of vaccine doses.

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