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The US Senate to Approve of Hefty Funding Spree for Bespoke Chip Technology

The US Senate has just recently passed massive funding worth $250 billion to upgrade the US R&D endeavors, befitting China’s technological lead.

The funds would be used to improve chip production capabilities in the US, looking forward to competing against China’s legacy in superlative production output, in both quantity and quality.

Of the total $250 billion, $1.5 billion would be dedicated to improving the 5G expedition in the US aided by Open RAN.

The US Senate has approved the funding measure under bipartisan approval, registering a voting ratio of 68-32. However, for it to become a law, the House of Representatives ought to approve it so that it could be passed onto the President for further approval.

According to the contents of the bill, the funds are allotted to expedite semiconductor manufacturing in the US and to diversify R&D expeditions at par with Chinese technologies.

Additionally, partial funds would also be directed towards developing a sturdy supply chain infrastructure for chip transportation amongst auto vendors.

With this latest funding, the Directorate of Technology and Dept. of Commerce would receive roughly $29 billion in the next five-year span.

The funds would further help the country to improve its facilities and skill sets to improve regional chip development. Several regional hubs are likely to be set up in the next couple of years.

People familiar with the development shared, President Biden supports the bill, and portions of the bill resonate with his vision of creating sustainable job opportunities under the American Jobs Plan.

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